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Quick Look: Kena: Bridge of Spirits

2021-09-26 36:46 Quick Looks

Jason and his little rot buddies fight off corruption and wear fun hats!

Quick Look: Sable

2021-09-25 39:42 Quick Looks

Danny and Tam(my) take to a bike to explore the sand dunes!

VoidBurger's Hot Takeouts: Why We Can't Escape Firewatch

2021-09-24 28:26 Features

Voidburger is BACK to reheat some hot takes and examine why we can't seem to escape the world of Firewatch! What is Firewatch?

We Talk Over: Nintendo Direct 9/23/2021

2021-09-23 03:08 Events

...that is definitely a choice for Mario Mario!

Giant Bombcast 704: Da Droid Become Human

2021-09-21 43:22 Giant Bombcast

On this episode we talk about Kena: Bridge of Spirits, taking pictures in Toem, more loops in Deathloop, determining what game is over and underrated, and MILK!

Bakalar Pinball: The Mandalorian

2021-09-20 28:47 Features

This is the way! That's a quote from the thing right? Anyway, watch Bakalar stream Stern Pinball's latest Mandalorian game right here!

Party of One: Let's Start The Midnight Hunt!

2021-09-17 02:36

Rorie and GB moderator ThatPinguino get talkin' about Magic: The Gathering: Innistrad: Midnight Huntâ„¢.

Let's Hardware: Jeff Attempts To Install An SSD Into His PlayStation 5

2021-09-15 34:51

The new PlayStation 5 firmware is just about out to everyone, so let's try to cram a 1TB SSD into the little slot on the bottom of this PlayStation 5.

Giant Bombcast 703: Time Juice

2021-09-14 03:11 Giant Bombcast

We've got a full house today as we try and explain Deathloop, Tales of Arise, befriend sentient dice in Lost in Random, as well as recapping Sony's PlayStation event, and valuable bidet discourse!

Quick Look: Tales of Arise

2021-09-14 27:49 Quick Looks

Jan and Jason put on some eyepatches and hit people!