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E3 2021: Splitgate's Portal-Based Arena Combat Comes to Consoles

2021-06-15 01:15 Trailers, Exclude From Infinite

A free for all that's free for all.

E3 2021: Siblings Unite to Survive in Greak: Memories of Azur

2021-06-15 01:28 Trailers, Exclude From Infinite

A hand-drawn platformer with three playable characters.

E3 2021: Be the Coolest Transfer Student Ever in Shadowverse: Champion's Battle

2021-06-15 01:42 Trailers, Exclude From Infinite

I always wanted to deepen bonds with friends to obtain unique deck codes, but I have no friends.

E3 2021: Farm, Dungeon Crawl, and Become a Newlywed in Rune Factor 4 Special

2021-06-15 01:02 Trailers, Exclude From Infinite

New features for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC version.

E3 2021: Be the Chicken Loving Type in Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town

2021-06-15 01:17 Trailers, Exclude From Infinite

The remake is headed to PS4 and Xbox One this fall.

Giant Bombcast 690: Grip the Banana

2021-06-15 41:01 Giant Bombcast

With E3 just barely behind us we recap some of the CHAOS from the weekend. We also paint some pictures in Chicory, scream in Chivalry II, fan the flames for country beef, and much more!

E3 2021: Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water Has Been Freed from Wii U Jail

2021-06-15 01:51 Trailers, Exclude From Infinite

No GamePad necessary.

E3 2021: Celebrate 35 Years of Zelda with the Smallest Zelda

2021-06-15 01:16 Trailers, Exclude From Infinite

A Game & Watch compilation will be releasing in November.

E3 2021: Kazuya is Here to Throw Everyone from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate into a Volcano

2021-06-15 02:27 Trailers, Exclude From Infinite

Luckily, they saved the full breakdown for Kazuya's strategies for a separate stream at a later date.

E3 2021: How Did Metroid Dread Even Happen?

2021-06-15 06:28 Trailers, Exclude From Infinite

Well, here's the producer to tell you. That's convenient!